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What it’s like to record an audiobook with Jesse Eisenberg

News from Entertainment Weekly:

Jesse Eisenberg has a dilemma. He’s in the studio recording the audiobook for his short-story collection, Bream Gives Me Hiccups, and a particularly footnote-laden story isn’t quite working. “My Roommate Stole My Ramen,” which makes up a significant chunk of the book, follows college freshman Harper Jablonski as she writes effusive—and unwanted—letters to her high school guidance counselor. “Do you think it would work better if we didn’t say ‘footnote’ every time?” Eisenberg asks from the glass-walled booth.

Darren Vermaas, the audiobook’s director, weighs in: “To me, the repetitiveness of that is funny. But that’s one man’s opinion.” Eisenberg buzzes through the line under his breath, like he’s fast-forwarding that already rapid-fire voice — “I know we haven’t spoken since junior year of high school. Footnote: So technically you’re not my guidance counselor anymore”—and then stops to consider. “Okay, yeah, maybe it would be funny,” he decides.

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