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Scribd Changes Audiobook Model

News from GalleyCat:

Scribd has updated its e-book subscription service for audiobooks.

Beginning on September 20, the company will begin offering a rotating catalog of audiobooks available for unlimited listening made available through special publishing partnerships. These titles will be updated on a monthly basis. In addition, Scribd is moving to a credit-based system that offers monthly subscribers access to one free audiobook a month to access audiobooks that are not part of these promotions.

“This change will not only allow us to continue to grow our audiobook catalog in a sustainable way, but will also allow us to focus on even more content deals and offerings we know you’ll love,” explained Scribd CEO Trip Adler in a blog post.

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News from IGN:


The Jedi Archivists would be jealous.

The latest Humble Books Bundle is centered on a galaxy far, far away.

The current bundle features a selection of Star Wars audiobooks for charity. The base set, which you can get for contributing any amount, nets you Star Wars: The Original Radio Drama and Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi. Paying $ 15 or more also gets you Return of the Jedi and the Dark Forces Collector’s Trilogy.

The most rewards come to those who pay more than the average, which is sitting at approximately $ 13 as of the time of writing. That amount gets you The Empire Strikes Back, Tales of the Jedi: Dark Lords of the Sith, Dark Empire, and other unspecified books to be announced later. Humble Bundle promises $ 215……………. continues on IGN

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