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Bringing the jungle audiobook to life

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Richard E Grant is just one of the famous names who lends his distinctive voice to the Audible audiobook version of The Jungle Book Credit: Disney/ audible

Sound designer Matt Thompson explains how he overcame some beastly problems in adapting The Jungle Book for radio

Celia Imrie leans into the microphone, her voice soft and maternal as she offers consoling words to the lost child Mowgli. “Is that a man cub?” she says. “How bold! Lie still, lie still little furless one.”

I knew, as I listened to Imrie perform, that we’d found the right person to play Mother Wolf. Imrie was just one of a star-studded cast who had assembled for a new adaptation of The Jungle Book, made by the Wireless Theatre Company for Audible, the audiobook arm of Amazon.

Richard E Grant, who plays Kaa, still remembers hi……………. continues on

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Discover the Aztec Empire of AD 1500 in by Patricia Reid, while meeting the slave girl, Alia, and the mystical animals that rescue Emperor Montezuma in this mesmerizing new audiobook for children by Brook Forest Voices. Delight in the beautiful narration by Rosie and Brian Amador, extensive sound effects, and the aesthetically pleasing and memorable music that flows though out the audiobook.

This audio rendition by Brook Forest Voices of Pat Reid’s book by the same title, captivates children (even adults) and paints a picture of an ancient world where folktales come to life. The adventure by the young girl, Alia, is both educational and intriguing, a perfect blend for all ages. The audiobook will be available through all of BFV’s normal distribution channels and continues on Broadway World

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