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Palmer’s memoir ‘Art of Asking’ is latest audiobook at library

News from Killeen Daily Herald:

Amanda Palmer is a pretty interesting person. Many are intrigued by her erratic, theater-girl ways and commitment to living bohemian at any costs. (She is known to sleep at strangers’ houses while on tour.)

Others think she’s a poser — the ultimate scammer. Me? I’m somewhere in the middle, curious about what she does outside of her many songs that I’ve listened to while attending the University of Texas at Austin. I’ve been interested in her artistically, but never on following in her footsteps.

Those who are like, “Monique, what and who is Amanda Palmer?” may have never been to a South by Southwest Festival week or are probably not among the indie-rock genre fans. But that’s OK. Either way, she can be a divisive figure.

When I heard she had a book coming out, I definitely wanted to read it. So I grabbed a copy and tore through it.

Palmer’s “The Art Of Asking” can be one of those books people like to refer to as “unputdownable” (a word which annoys my eyes) or maybe “gripping” — as in I was gripping the covers, not letting a single soul take it away from me.

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