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Digital Audiobook Lending Is Finding Its Groove

News from Publishers Weekly: By all indications, digital audiobook lending is growing in popularity among library patrons across a number of demographics. Why the sudden upturn? It appears to be the result of a convergence of factors, among them changes to patron lifestyles, advancements in vendor technology, and publishers’ increased attention to the library market. Interest in digital audiobooks, which can be downloaded from the Cloud, is shifting across a number of age groups and socioeconomic backgrounds, from younger patrons who are accessing digital audiobooks via online apps to older patrons who sometimes have difficulty getting to and from the library. According to Stephanie Anderson, head of reader services at Darien Public Library, in Connecticut, digital audiobook interest among Darien’s patrons is very high, with circulation consistently increasing every month. “[In October], … Read entire article »

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‘Hunger Games’ audiobook bundle aims to help feed the hungry

News from CNET: Name your own price for this Scholastic audio collection, which also includes “Goosebumps,” “The 39 Clues” and more. facebook linkedin google……………. continues on CNET >>> Read the full article Related News: News from Digital Book World: Categories: Digital Book Wire, Industry News | Tags: android, Audiobooks, barnes & noble, Nook, >>> Read the full article … Read entire article »

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Caller Wants to Know: How Do You Read the Rush Revere Audio Books Without …

News from (subscription): October 31, 2014 BEGIN TRANSCRIPT RUSH: continues on (subscription) >>> Read the full article Related News: … Read entire article »

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