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AUDIO BOOK REVIEW: ‘Subtle Bodies’ by Norman Rush doesn’t rise to past efforts

News from Sarasota Herald-Tribune: Although I had not previously read any of Norman Rush’s books, his reputation as a particularly insightful writer, and author of the National Book Award-winning “Mating ” ( 1991) led me to believe that his latest effort, “Subtle Bodies,” would be worthy of my auditory attention. I was wrong. It’s completely possible that this story of a group of college friends from the 1970s who reunite in 2002 for the funeral of the leader of their too-cool-for-school New York University pack is Tom Wolfe-esque satire. But satire to me implies humor, and honestly, I found the characters tiresome. The story centers around Ned, who flies from San Francisco to the Catskills on the eve of a march he’s organizing against the war in Iraq. He’s hotly pursued by his somewhat younger … Read entire article »

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Blackstone Audio Signs Deal with HarperCollins to Distribute Physical Audio …

News from Consumer Electronics Net: More Related Stories   November 20, 2013 – Ashland, OR (PRWEB) November 20, 2013 Blackstone Audio has signed on as a distributor of HarperCollins Publishers audiobooks into retail stores and libraries. Blackstone will serve as the exclusive distributor to retailers of physical audiobooks (CD) for HarperCollins titles formerly released only as digital audiobooks. As part of the agreement, HarperCollins will continue to distribute a selection of its future physical audiobook catalog directly to retailers, and Blackstone will distribute the remainder. Additionally, Blackstone will be a non-exclusive distributor of HarperCollins physical audiobooks to libraries. Blackstones e-commerce site, Downpour……………. continues on Consumer Electronics Net >>> Read the full article Related News: News from audio book – The Doctor Who News Page: Back in 1980, four books were published from K9 co-creator … Read entire article »

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Anjelica Huston shares audiobook excerpt and interview from ‘A Story Lately …

News from Entertainment Weekly: What had you done by the time you were 22? Anjelica Huston had lived in Ireland, England, and New York, practiced falconry on castle lawns with her famous family, and become an “it girl” model. In the first volume of her memoir, A Story Lately Told, Huston shares memories from the unique point of view of a Wes-Anderson-like childhood come to life, as EW described in its review of the memoir. In the interview below, Huston describes some of her favorite stories with “Dad” from A Story Lately Told and the unique experience of recording an audiobook. Most importantly, she uses the word “chicanery”: Huston also shared an exclusive six-minute excerpt from her audiobook with EW. Listen below as Huston recounts very earliest moments of her life and her legendary, eccentric … Read entire article »

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